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WearU Foundation

The Foundation is an independent entity that has its own funding (the Foundation Reserve) and uses it to foster the development of WearU’s platform and ecosystem through grants, acquisitions and other actions to benefit from value-adding opportunities. The Foundation Reserve has an allocation of 4% of the maximum supply of WU tokens.


We are specialists in different areas related to: Blockchain, Defi, Art, Immersive technologies with a long background in the startup development companies and encouraged with decentralized technology.

Gaby Genovese
Co- Founder & CEO
Gaby is an entrepreneur and a Defi Technology Specialist, she also worked in Research & Innovation at IOVlabs, she has been involved in the Crypto ecosystem since 2015.

Tali Wasserman
Co-Founder & CAO (Chief Artist Officer)
Tali has been involved in the Art & Jewelry Industry for over 20 years. She Founded *Estudio Joya* in Argentina and helped organize the 1st AR Jewelry Exhibition in LATAM in 2018.

Diego Tiscornia
Co- Founder & CTO
Diego is a Security Specialist with a background in Applied Math. He wore the CTO hat for several startups, especially in the Gaming sector. Apart from being a Crypto enthusiast, he is experienced in HA distributed systems.

Ariel Futoransky
Ariel is a Security and Crypto Specialist. He has founded several companies related to Security as well as the Crypto ecosystem. Among them Core Security (Acquired by K1), and BitTrap of which he is the CTO.

Jonatan Altszul
Jonatan is co-founder along with Ariel of both Core Security and BitTrap. He currently is the CEO of Bittrap.

Santiago Siri
Founder of Democracy Earth (Proof of Humanity + Universal Income on Ethereum). Executive Director of DAO Education. Network Party Founder. Partner of Bitex.la



Roadmap items listed above will be prioritized, added or removed in response to changes in the market and taking into account feedback and proposals by the community via the WearU DAO.

Q2 2022

  • Device prototype & AR app.
  • Pre-Seed Private Strategy VC Round I

Q3 2022

  • Beta version deploy on Ethereum/Polygon network
  • MVP version Device & APP
  • Wait list Artist & Influencers: pre-sale device

Q4 2022

  • Invite-only Launch and global campaign
  • Seed Private Round II

Q1 2023

  • Private Round III & KOLs
  • Launchpads Public Pre-sale

Q2 2023

  • TGE Listing
  • Open Launch : open access
  • Fee payments for bakers

Q3 2023

  • DAO Governance